How do you differentiate bartholin cyst next to genital wart?

for nurses and medical allied (doctors, pt, etc..) what is the difference between bartholin cyst and genital warts? both have duplicate symptoms and features?
A bartholin's gland cyst is under the skin, causing dull pain and swelling. Genital warts are visible higher than the skin and often give no symptoms. A lot of relations don't even know they have genital warts until the doctor tell them during a pelvic exam. You will know immediately when you have a swollen bartholin's gland cyst from the dull pain and swelling.
bartholin cysts if i recall (sorry i dont approaching to look for the answers in the book or net) is of course a cyst from your bartholin glands... they are located somewhere at 3 and 9 oclock of your vulva...

cysts may come from infection of your bartholin glands (sorry i cant recollect which microorganisms can cause this, but usually they will be ur non flora microbes), can lead to wreck, then healing... chronic infection will effect healing again and again, which at some point will cause a mutation which will front to neoplastic cells, in your presented grip may be in a form of cysts. i think it is located on the areas i mentioned.

genital wart is caused by herpes simplex virus or HSV, they look like little protrusions clumped together and not stinging.

you can always look in the lattice... sorry
they are very very different, at hand is no way in the world any doctor would verbs the two. warts are small fleshy multiple irregular growths, bartholins cysts are singular, larger-there are nothing at adjectives like a wart

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